LTS LunchTimeSeries

As part of the LunchTimeSeries on Law, Technology and Society (LTS) Joakim Juhl from the Aalborg University of Copenhagen held a lecture on ‘Innovation Science: Between Models and Machines’. His reflections on the political reframing of science and the work it takes for science and non-science to develop beneficiary relationships can also be found in his paper, which was published in the renowned Journal ‘Engineering Studies’.

Paper: Juhl, Innovation Science: between models and machines, Engineering Studies 8, 2016.

Joakim Juhl is an assistant professor at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, Denmark and a Research Associate with the Program on Science, Technology and Society. His research focuses on the normative foundations of technological innovation and its relation to social expectations of science. Joakim contributes to the National Science Foundation funded project, “Traveling Imaginaries of Innovation: The Practice Turn and Its Transnational Implementation”. From 2013 to 2015, Joakim held a joint postdoctoral position at the Harvard STS Program and Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Joakim holds a PhD in STS from Aalborg University’s Doctoral School of Engineering and Science. He has a Master of Science degree in Innovation Management from the Technical University of Denmark. His dissertation “Models in Action – Realizing Abstractions” was based on an ethnographic study of modeling practices in a Danish collaboration between industrial and scientific parties.

The LunchTimeSeries on Law, Technology & Society (LTS) is organized by Professor Iris Eisenberger, in collaboration with Professor Konrad Lachmayer.